Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What's wrong with this picture?

What's wrong with this picture?

Is this like a fish out of water or what? But this is the new Jan and Greg.

Here we are. We've left Hawaii and are in the sunny climes of North Vancouver, BC. Look at that beautiful blue sky in that photo! Vancouver is certainly that place they were talking about when they said "when it's nice it's really really nice, but when it's *not* nice, it's awful".

I love being back here amongst friends and family. The ocean and the mountains are right there and the trees are a beautiful blanket over the land. (Well, that is when they haven't been blown down by huge wind storms, but I digress).

We have settled in a furnished apartment and have been looking for jobs and real estate. It must be nicer here because real estate is more expensive than Kona. The good news is that there is more of a range so there is hope for us. Our house in Kona is still on the market and we have friends staying in it to make sure it remains "ship shape" and ready for instant sale should that one special person come by to see it. The other good thing is that there is more of a range of jobs here as well. It's life in the big city.

We have found the "butt" in Sydney and may one day make it back to the dangers on the reef with the other kids.


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